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More and more Scandinavians (and others) have realized the benefits with snuff in relation to smoking, not least the health aspect. More and more countries have also banned smoking in public places (including Thailand).

Our snuff factory is located in Pak Chong, between the cities of Bangkok and Nakhon Ratchasima.

From the beginning we decided to sell snus with natural ingredients. The reason was to make you as a consumer satisfied. Svenskt Snus have also found a tobacco producer that guarantees us tobacco grown without pesticide. In addition, the tobacco is of the highest quality of a five grade scale applied in Thailand. Of course, we regularly look at the plantations to be sure about the quality, and that no pesticide is used.

After a year of struggling with bureaucracy and legislation, we did in 2007 manage to get permission to sell Svenskt Snus throughout Thailand. To sell snuff in this country is in fact prohibited, unless the product contain 100% Thai ingredients, such as Svenskt Snus. Do not forget that the customs regularly stops tourists, whose snus end up seized, and then they might have to pay rather severe fines. We are the legitimate snuff alternative in Thailand!